Ce qu'elle a dansé, elle a vécu.
What she danced, she lived.

Nikki, my Super Bride
Saturday, January 8, 2011
December 5, 2010- I'm a romantic, so I guess it's natural that weddings are one of my favorite gigs to work on. I always tell my brides that I'll be their "second maid-of-honor" on their wedding, because let's face it--their maid-of-honor are also dolled up on the day of their wedding that they can't really run around and tend to the bride's needs now, can they?

Anyway, Nikki contacted me to style for her wedding while I was in Naga for my post-Fashion Week vacation. She got me as her on the day stylist, so she already had her wedding gown made. Nikki's very much into details and she told me she wanted to have Blake Lively's look from the Gossip Girl Season 2 premiere (a.k.a. The White Party episode):

Blake Lively in Oscar dela Renta

First thing I noticed when I arrived in her bridal suite was how busy she was! She was on the phone nonstop, and I was shocked to learn that she arranged her whole wedding in a span of two weeks. Talk about Super Bride!

Nikki the Super Bride

When we finally got her to sit down so we can doll her up I told her that I wanted her to have a much more dramatic look in terms of styling. Her mom also pointed out that she was concerned with the plunging neckline of her gown, so I put her in a Y-necklace (from Oleic accessories):

Nikki has graceful hands, so I did away with Blake's cuff and instead put her in a vine hand piece:

Hand piece by Oleic Accessories

Instead of a traditional veil, I let her wear a vine headpiece to tie the whole look together:

Headpiece by Oleic Accessories

Nikki's final look

She looked every bit of a radiant bride, and I just loved her glow as she walked down the aisle:

Congratulations to Carlo and Nikki!

Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Hizon

Hair and makeup by Tippy Destacamento and Tiem Fetiznan, photos are by Red P. Santos

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