Ce qu'elle a dansé, elle a vécu.
What she danced, she lived.

After Fashion (Week)...
Saturday, December 18, 2010

November 26-29 - After the chaos that was Philippine Fashion Week, me and my girlfriends Des and Kaye decided to go on a  much-needed vacation for some R & R. Des, being a wakeboard enthusiast, suggested Naga. Kaye was hesitant about it because of a bad wakeboarding experience way back, but I also wanted to try it. So Naga it is.

Kaye & Des: In flight seat mates

First thing we noticed was that there were a lot of foreign wakeboarders around, but we didn't think much of it, since our country is THE tourist destination especially around December. It was a bit funny on the plane to Naga though, cause this guy accidentally slept on my shoulder--didn't bother to wake him up cause he looked really tired. Poor guy. Must be the jetlag.

Me & mystery guy during the flight.

In between girl bonding and pig-out sessions, we did A LOT of wakeboarding and boy, was it fun and addicting! I barely noticed the aches and pains till I saw the huge blisters on my hands! I didn't want to stop, but my arms felt heavy after a few hours so I had to call it a day. But I will definitely go back.

Did you see that hole a.k.a. blister on my hand?! Ouch!

Just so happened that our good friend (and makeup artist) Tippy was also in town visiting his parents and insisted that we spend a night in their family's house:

Food trippin' at Casa Destacamento

On the way to the airport for our flight home, we saw this HUGE billboard that almost caused us to miss our flight:

No way! It's mystery guy on the plane!

The "foreign dudes" at CWC were all pro wakeboarders! And remember the guy who accidentally slept on my shoulder on the plane ride to Naga? Turns out, he was THE pro boarder Ruben Lenten!

Ruben Lenten in action

Clueless much? Oh well, at least it's one story for the books!

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